Take Back Your Future

If you or a women you know is in need of help finding a home, finding a job, or simply needs the support of an amazing community of women to help, we're here for you!

Programs For Women


Contact us now with your questions regarding your individual mental or physical health, based on questions and we'll do our best to get you to the right information. 

parenting skills

As you work on building a better you, you can rest assured our parenting workshops, skills, and emotional restorative health building classes will accelerate your growth and transformation. Contact us for information regarding the next workshop or virtual class.

job training

Right now you can get the right skills, resources and develop the lasting confidence you need in order to help build a stable income for your family's security and development. And for the Mompeuneur ask about our entrepreneur courses through P.U.R.S.E. Institute.  


Success Stories From Powerful Women


" I was a mother of 4 boys when I was incarcerated. When I got out I turned to the streets, I was on drugs and I pretty much lost everything. Soon after that's when I met my mentor Lavada. I got my kids back and got help getting back on my feet..."


"For so many years there have been women who have felt alone, and the House of Restoration is like that helping hand. It was like the break that I never had before, it was great...."