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Take Back Your Future

We help women to appreciate and love their Self-Image, to embrace their Self-Identity, and to acknowledge their Self-Worth all through the Art of Positive Thinking! We are the House of Restoration.

Programs For Women

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p.U.R.S.E. Institute 
& Bossing Up
Parenting Skills
Job Training

Success Stories From Powerful Women


" I was a mother of 4 boys when I was incarcerated. When I got out I turned to the streets, I was on drugs and I pretty much lost everything. Soon after that's when I met my mentor Lavada. I got my kids back and got help getting back on my feet..."


"For so many years there have been women who have felt alone, and the House of Restoration is like that helping hand. It was like the break that I never had before, it was great...."

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