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Who is she? A mother of four beautiful daughters, the last daughter of eight siblings, a substance use disorder counselor, case manager, and a program manager. She is an author, a business owner, and fearless. She has overcome being raised by a drug-addicted mother, molestation, racism, and teenage pregnancy.

"I was brought up by a mother who hadn't dealt with her own traumas whom as an adult turned to first marijuana in my kinder years and then she evolved into using crystal meth. In those times I was taken advantage of by my sister's children's father. Meaning that before I knew what a vagina was he pleasured himself while I was in elementary school for a couple of years. In turn, this caused me to seek negative attention and also act out sexually and violently. 


"In my teenage years' transition, promiscuity, alcohol, and God became my comfort. Looking for love in places that a young lady didn't belong I ended up pregnant by a 21-year-old at the age of 15. Making me a teenage mother at the age of 16. By the time I was 30 I was a full-time mother of four beautiful baby girls with a long road ahead of me. I have experienced homelessness at least three times in my life and yet I rise with the wings of eagles and desire to help other women to do the same."


With her compelling life story, she shares the processes that have allowed her to TRIUMPH overall! She now releases the process to other women on how to love themselves back to health with emotional balance and conditioning of the mind, body, and spirit!


Helping Women Achieve Transformation Through My 3 Step Process


The Potted Plant Method

Here is what you'll learn in this workshop:

What would you do if you saw the opportunity to change? Would you truly apply the principles?

For over 10 years Lavada has shown individuals how to apply the Potted Plant Concept to their lives. "The Potted Plant Method allows people to see their own two ears outside of the mirror," Lavada states. 

Learn and understand about how your world was put together. Also, the "Self-Reflectatory" power that you can use to change the energy and reroute your foundation is worth reflecting!

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The Art Of Remaining

In this course, she teaches and empowers women on how to identify and set boundaries in their lives, relationships, and the workplace. We discuss the importance of staying put until it's time to go. Stay Committed, Focused, and Positive. She teaches about the tools to use and the impactful courage it takes to apply the tools. Imagine the worthwhileness of staying on track and not allowing others to detour you off of your routes?

Inspire You, Inspire Yours - Never Allow Their Energy To Control Your Conversation

In this course, Lavada teaches and empowers women how to identify their space, their conversation! One of our best experiences is to liberate oneself from the thoughts or ignorance of other people!

You will be inspired to be cognitive of your connectivity with others and mindful of giving voice to you by Adjusting Your Posture, Pursuing Your Dream, and Embracing Your Destiny. Your Strength, Your Truth, Your Impact! 

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