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When you purchase your copy of "Travailings" you'll experience one women's journey through depression, motivation, frustration, and resilience.

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The Book.

Far too often we as women suffer in silence and alone through unimaginable, and sometimes unbearable pain. 

But it obviously doesn't have to be this way. In "Travailings" you'll experience a women's journey through depression, motivation, frustration, and resilience. 

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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the personal experiences of the writers. I am looking forward to Volume 2!”

— Marisa Stevenson

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“An epic journey through poetic verses of trials and tribulations of a young woman's life.  Stories of her triumph and dedication to her religious endeavors.  Sharing her story and allowing other women to do the same in her book shows her devotion to helping others grow and develop as she has successfully done. Inspiring and easy to read. It is a book for young ladies and women to enable them a voice and a chance to experience someone else's story while reflecting on their own hardships leading them to overcome and shine bright. .”

— Della McNiel